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Navigation – A Essential Piece Of Web Designing

How often have visitors landed on your website and gist on other websites just because they didn’t find information simply?

Well, if this happens quite frequently then the navigation of your website needs to be refurbished. Navigation is measured to be one of the most significant areas in custom website design and also the mainly ignored. In such a competitive era, if your website does not distribute information quickly, it is sure to die out sooner or later. Having a good navigation helps stay visitors on site as they can easily access information with a few clicks and in seconds.

Navigation is particularly more important if you run an e-commerce business for selling goods online. If your visitors cannot find the order page easily, they will never ever visit your site again. What’s more, they will even spread negative words about your e-commerce web design further harming your sales. A poor navigation structure in website design does not project a professional image of your business. So, it’s advisable to properly design the navigation and layout of your website.

Advantages offered by good website navigation

  • Helps visitors get information quickly.
  • Improves web traffic and search engine rankings.
  • Increased sales and revenues.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tips for designing the best navigation

Before designing the navigation of your website design, make sure to understand your target audience thoroughly. The navigation will differ for a website that just providers information than the one that sells services or goods. Here are some tips for designing navigation –

    • It’s recommended to prepare a list of pages that have high importance. In case you are selling products, you can have a section mentioning Home Page, Products, Order Products, Demo, Articles etc. These sections can be further divided as per your requirements. Use drop down menus as these allow customers to get information quickly.
    • In case there are shopping carts integrated with your site, make sure to show the view cart button clearly on each page. It’s advisable to keep the button on top right, below the header.
    • Make use of Breadcrumbs. These help your visitors in knowing their current location on a website.
    • Experts often cite the importance of ‘three click rule’ which implies that a visitor should reach a page within three clicks. The most important page, however, should be accessible with one click.
    • Next, ensure that all navigation elements are linked correctly & clearly using standard link conventions such as menus, changing colour on mouse, buttons or underlining the text. Never use vague names for links.
    • Does your site have downloadable items like video, audio or PDF files? If yes, ensure that your users know which application is required to open the file and also its size. Provide a link to download the application too.
  • Site Maps not only help your visitors but also website in getting a higher search engine ranking. It offers a comprehensive view of your entire site. It lists every page with its link.

Hire professional web designer for a good website design

To have an extraordinary website for your business, it’s extremely significant to hire web designer who has significant experience in designing diverse websites. Professional website designers pay much awareness to the navigation and layout of your website. This increases your chances for getting maximum visibility for your business. Dedicated website designers will pay equal importance to all the elements while designing a website.