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Speed up your PHP with XHProf


I’ll admit it, I’m doing performance-intensive code in PHP. I started my career writing demos in hand-coded assembler, but the need for development speed has pushed me towards using a scripting language. Part of making fast progress is reducing dependencies, which has meant sticking with PHP for the whole system, even for back-end analysis where another language might be more expected.

That’s left me desperate to get more information on where the time is going when things slow down. My first weapon of choice is a simple pair of timing functions that I wrap around code to tell how long a whole block is taking. That’s quick and easy, (and I’ve included my code below) but it doesn’t give you any information about which parts of it are taking all the time.

For that you need a profiler, and if you do a search for php profiling, almost every result talks about XDebug. Unfortunately, as a profiler, it’s a great debugger. You need to edit php.ini and restart the server, or pass in a URL input, you can only profile an entire script rather than just portions, and once you have generated the file you need to transfer them to one of several klunky desktop applications to explore the results.

After abandoning XDebug as too unwieldy, I spent some time searching for other solutions. I finally came across XHProf, and I’m loving it. It was developed as an internal tool for Facebook and open-sourced in March, and you can tell it’s been written by people who actually use it. It took a little bit of fiddling to install it, I couldn’t get it going through PECL and ended up downloading the source and manually compiling. It was a dream to use after that. It let me trigger the profling programatically around the code I cared about, and then browse the results through a web interface.

There’s a couple of caveats, it’s missing a few advanced features I’m used to from advanced desktop profilers like detailed information on the full call stack for functions rather than the immediate parents and timing for individual lines of code rather than functions, but in practice it’s got all the features I need to diagnose performance problems. I was able to speed up my IMAP email importing dramatically, largely by removing the use of a global variable in an inner loop, it turned out to be far faster to pass the object as a function argument! That’s the sort of problem that would have taken me far longer to find without XHProf.

Here’s the primitive timing functions I mentioned at the start:

$g_start_time = 0;
$g_end_time = 0;

function pete_start_timer()
global $g_start_time;
list($usec, $sec) = explode(‘ ‘,microtime());
$g_start_time = ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);

function pete_end_timer($dolog=true)
global $g_start_time;
global $g_end_time;
list($usec, $sec) = explode(‘ ‘,microtime());
$g_end_time = ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);
$duration = ($g_end_time – $g_start_time);

if ($dolog)
$durationstring = ‘pete_timer: %01.4f sec’;
error_log(sprintf($durationstring, $duration));

return $duration;




Android – The highly acclaimed mobile application development platform

Android is a popular mobile application development platform that runs on the powerful Linux operating system. It is the brainchild of Open Handset Alliance, a cluster of organizations that was led by Google. The group comprised of mobile operators, handset manufacturers, software solutions providers, components manufacturers and lot more. What’s interesting is that Android is an open source platform that allows android application developers to churn out interactive, dynamic and user friendly android applications. The Android Mobile Application Development platform is backed by an active community of developers which constantly comes up with new versions of Android, which have improved features and fixes for bugs.

Android SDK contains an operating system, middleware and key applications. It acts as a guideline for android apps developers to develop applications based on the Java programming language. In case you are not a technical expert and would like to have an android application for business or personal purpose, all you need to do is hire android application developer from a professional android application development company and your job will be done in quick time. Outsourcing android application development is another great option which you can prefer.
Features of android platform

  • Support for physical and virtual keyboards
  • 100% customizable home screen having excellent widgets
  • Live Folders in display common data items, for e.g. favourite apps, contacts email messages, playlists, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and much more
  • Support for Picasa image uploading
  • Voice search
  • Android automatically checks and repairs the file system on SD cards

The Google Android Application Development platform supports flash. In case you want to have flash videos, then android is the development platform you should go for. Further, businesses benefit as Android mobile application development allows these to integrate Google Calendar and Gmail with Android. This results in saving of time and increased productivity for businesses. Android can be used to develop a range of applications such as business, communications, utilities, entertainment and even gaming.

Android Custom Application Development helps businesses expand through online marketing. Thanks to its amazing features and functionalities. Android application developers can easily customize mobile apps for routine business operations and help organizations improve efficiency. Custom Android applications also help in managing, and tracking data that is useful for decision making. One can also track reports using Custom Android Application Development solutions. Advanced integration is another benefit offered by Android Application Development platform. It helps in different kinds of inter-application integration wherein several programs can be integrated for boosting diverse business aspects.

Need the best android mobile development solutions?

Consult Yandroid, an expert android application development services provider. We offer complete android mobile application development solutions including development, customization, application consulting and maintenance.


Think About Word Press Integration

The first step to starting a Word Press blog is to sign up for a domain name with a website host. There are several major websites that give you the option to buy, host, and even set up an email account for your new domain. The host is up to you, but there are a few companies that offer easy Word Press setup. Some online research will quickly give you the name of some hosts that offer easy integration.

Use your domain name hosting service to download Word Press and install it to your computer. You will immediately be emailed log in details, including a URL that lets you access your new blogging software. Now that you’ve setup and accessed your blog, the real fun can begin! Simply click the link and log in to start building your website.

Which points make Word press favorable?

Various utility based features of Word Press makes it the most favored as a blog publishing platform.

Word Press Themes – Numerous Themes can be found on Word Press website and if they don’t suit your aspirations, then you can custom create Word Press themes. This option to customize wordpress theme development makes Word Press attractive.

Word Press Plug-ins – As a matter of fact, it is the most appealing feature of Word Press that allows increasing the functionality of your blog or website. There are thousands of Plug-ins currently available to select from.

Upgrades Notification – Word Press notifies its users of any recent upgrades that it introduces and provides links to install the updates.

User Friendly CMS – A user need not be an expert as it is easy to understand Word Press. Thus anyone can start using it after a brief learning period.

Beneficial from SEO Point of View – As WordPress development is primarily concerned with managing content and has inbuilt features that support SEO, moreover it offers a number of SEO plug-ins with advanced features to make your blog/site SEO friendly. It enables good ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Having seen that Word Press can fulfill all the requirements create a perfect blog, those wishing to create a blog site or integrate to the existing site, can opt for PSD to WordPress Integration and experience a fun filled blogging experience with no room for hassles. There are several other advantages of Word Press. Not only blogs, but highly functional websites too can be developed with Word Press.

PSD to Word Press Integration entails the following benefits:

• W3C valid HTML/XHTML/ CSS codes

• Search engine friendly word press theme

• Incorporation of desired features in the Blog

• Spam protection



Magento Development – Importance of Magento Development

Magento templates and themes are an integral part of the custom magento development platform. Magento, being an open source e-commerce solution, support a number of free as well as premium magento themes & templates. However, if you want a custom magento theme or magento template for your online store, it is recommended to outsource your magento theme designing project to a professional magento template development company. Such companies have a pool of magento theme developers who have extensive experience in programming, coding and designing magento themes as well as magento templates.


Ready-made magento themes can be easily integrated with your magento store without affecting its overall layout and appeal. Magento theme development services from experienced magento store development companies have the power to transform your online brand identity. Always hire professional magento themes developers for your magento store branding requirements.


Have a look on some advanced Magento theme development services


  • Carve out a unique personality for your e-commerce business with custom magento theme and templates.
  • Important for attracting website traffic and increasing store conversion rates.
  • Magento Themes are designed to be compatible with different magento versions. So, upgradation won’t be an issue for you.
  • Helps boost your online marketing efforts.
  • Premium magento themes are specifically designed to fulfil your marketing objectives.
  • For online merchants who want to establish a unique corporate presence on the internet, custom magento themes are the best option.


As an online merchant you can change the look of the store from both products as well as category level. With this you can further enhance your marketing campaigns. In case you want to have a custom page for every individual product, you can do that too. Salute for that to custom magento development and magento themes. You can also have multiple themes for your online store. You can have a standard theme and temporary themes which can be switched based on different requirements. This helps greatly in online branding of your store. It offers your customers a personalized experience helping you improve the brand visibility. Next, specialized magento themes make the browsing experience more interactive and dynamic allowing you to convert browsers into loyal customers.



Custom SugarCRM Development services

In recent years, businesses across the globe have started acknowledging the power of customer relationship management. Without it, no business can imagine to survive in the present competitive era. Customers are the life-blood of any business and they need to be taken care of completely and obviously in a professional manner. Using Custom SugarCRM Development solutions, business enterprises can leverage latest technologies to serve their customers in a better manner and streamline day to day operational activities to improve overall productivity. You can Hire SugarCRM Developer from a reputed organization and derive maximum advantages out of SugarCRM.

So, how can SugarCRM Customization solutions help your organization? Well, let’s take a look.

  • Your business is unique and hence needs custom SugarCRM solutions to meet a specific set of requirements. A professional SugarCRM Developer India understands those needs and accordingly customizes SugarCRM to meet specific challenges as well.
  • By customizing SugarCRM, you can automate work-flows and make the most out of your existing processes.
  • SugarCRM Customization also includes the development of custom modules to add extra functionalities to your existing CRM systems. A dedicated developer understands the existing architecture of your CRM application, finds out the functionalities it lacks and accordingly integrates the most powerful custom SugarCRM module.
  • Next, to make your SugarCRM based web portal look more professional, developers build custom themes keeping in mind the exclusive online branding requirements of your business.
  • The latest version of SugarCRM now has support for social media platforms as well as smart phones. Experienced SugarCRM Development services providers can customize these dynamic functionalities so that you can reach more customers in quick time. Using SugarCRM Mobile solutions, you can access important data right from your smart phone device and make quick business decisions.

How to choose the best company for SugarCRM Customization?

  • Select a company which has atleast four years of experience in deploying complex sugarcrm development services.
  • Find out about their past projects undertaken including Custom SugarCRM Module development.
  • You must also know to which extent the company’s developers can customize SugarCRM keeping in mind overall business objectives and end-user requirements.
  • Find out how much their SugarCRM Developers know about different SugarCRM Editions.
  • Next, it is also essential to know whether the company has extensive experience in implementing SugarCRM for multiple languages.

At Biztech Consultancy, we provide fast, efficient and reliable SugarCRM Development solutions to our clients across industry verticals and multiple domains. You can Hire SugarCRM Developer India team from us and get the best out of SugarCRM functionalities. We also know how to optimize SugarCRM for cross mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry and iPhone.


Custom Development

Custom Development – The Best Way To Take Your Business To The Next Level!

Businesses, today, need to overcome a plethora of challenges in order to beat their competition. With the advent of technological era, it has become easier for business owners to create a strategic advantage for themselves. And, Custom Web Application Development certainly plays a pivotal role in achieving this objective. Enterprises need to rely on powerful custom web applications to meet their specific business requirements & target objectives. These applications are built using a variety of dynamic open source frameworks such as PHP, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend etc.

With the help of services such as PHP Development, businesses can get dynamic and 100% tailored web applications that help cut down operational expenses and streamline various activities. One can also get dynamic database driven websites by leveraging the benefits offered by PHP & MySQL technologies. When you go for a custom web app for your organization, it not only helps improve day to day efficiency but also enhances the actual return on investment too. You just need to outsource your custom web application project to a reliable company and that’s it! Your things will be taken care in a meticulous manner.

Custom web applications such as a CRM tool or online content management system can do wonders for your business enterprise. Take for instance, SugarCRM based web applications. These help owners streamline complex customer information at one place. Managers can easily access data with just a few clicks and that’s it! These advanced web applications also help you to monitor various sales, marketing and promotional activities.

Talking about custom cms applications, these allow you to have full control over online content. There is various open source software available for this such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Customizing these software applications as per your business needs can bring in huge benefits. For instance, WordPress helps you run a custom blogging application to promote products and services. You can even use it to start your own affiliate network. Same is the case with Drupal or Joomla!

Besides custom web applications, these days, mobile applications have also become indispensable for businesses. These help reach a wider target audience and improves the overall brand awareness too. With Android Application Development solutions, you can get powerful business apps for mobile devices that help market products & services in a cost-effective yet professional manner. The demand for custom mobile apps, in recent years, has witnesses a lot of surge. Thanks to the introduction of smart phones such as iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Android and lot more.

With custom web solutions including Magento Development, internet merchants can set up elegant ecommerce shops exactly as per their marketing requirements. These online stores allow customers to shop in a seamless manner without worrying about the security aspects. Moreover, these days, developers include additional custom functionalities such as the ones based on AJAX to offer customers a powerful online experience. They even integrate social media platforms with your online stores so that customers can share, recommend, like and discuss about your products on the virtual platform. All this would not have been possible without custom development services.

Using Custom Web Application Development services from a professional organization, you can not only save your cost but also time. These companies used well-defined methodologies and advanced project management techniques to deliver your projects on time and within budget. All you need to do is some secondary research in identifying & selecting the right organization which listens & understands to your online branding goals. Their team of web application developers will do the needful in a very short span of time.
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