Google Has Manually Penalized Mozilla, the non-profit organization behind Firefox, Thunderbird and tons of developer oriented tools, was penalized by Google.

Christopher More, Mozilla’s Web Production Manager, posted the details of the penalty in the Google Webmaster Help forums. You’d think Mozilla, an organization that is/was mostly funded by Google, would have other means to get the issue resolved.

The penalty was a “manual penalty” due to extremely spammy user generated content. The penalty notification read:

Google has detected user-generated spam on your site. Typically, this kind of spam is found on forum pages, guestbook pages, or in user profiles.As a result, Google has applied a manual spam action to your site.

So where is this spam? John Mueller of Google responded showing him. Just do a site command search for [ cheap payday seo] and you will find some samples. It seems to be coming from spammers abusing the blog comments and the addons section, amongst others.

This is a case of Mozilla allowing anyone to come into their home and make a mess and not clean it up – it happens all too often and it is sad to see.

John offers some advice, for the comments, you need a spam filter and someone to monitor them. For the add-ons section, John said:

For these kinds of sites, it may make sense to allow the community to help with comment moderation (eg. allow them to flag or vote-down spam), and to use the rel=nofollow link microformat to let search engines know that you don’t endorse the links in those unmoderated comments.

John also added that in these cases, Google tries to go as “granular as possible with our manual actions.” So in this case, Mozilla is not fully penalized, just the sections or pages that have this spam on it.


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Will Samsung’s next phone be metal like the iPhone?

Will they soon be made of sterner stuff?

(Credit: CNET)

There’s something about the plastic nature of Samsung’s phones that make them slightly less attractive.

To me, that is.

I know that there are millions to whom it doesn’t make a difference. There are even many, no doubt, who believe — in some idiosyncratic way — that plastic says now, rather than, oh, six months ago.

Some of these people are 13 years old.

However, not all of these people work for Samsung. Indeed, the SamMobile blog last week revealed that it had heard whispers from South Korea that some at Samsung believe plastic isn’t quite fantastic.

It appears that the metal sophistication of the iPhone 5 and the recent appearance of the HTC One, with its very pretty all-aluminum nature, have injected additional quandaries into Samsung’s furrowed brows.

This has resulted in strong pulses suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be metal or perhaps some other substance. But not plastic.

Moreover, there apparently existed a metal prototype of the Galaxy S4 that had a lot of souls leaping in Seoul. The time difficulties associated with mass producing such metal phones may have influenced the ultimate choice of the S4’s familiar plastic.

Defenders of plastic offer a myriad of practicalities in its design use. But perhaps there is a bigger question: given how successful both the S series and the Galaxy Note have been, has plastic become something of a brand differentiator for Samsung?

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Do people truly embrace the plastic nature or is it something they accept that comes along with the joy of large screens and easy sharing of sex tapes?

And what if Apple decided to release its much-rumored cheaper iPhone and it turned out to be plastic? This week, an image of just such a thing slithered into public view.

Would the appearance of an inexpensive iPhone put even more pressure on Samsung to upgrade its materials on more expensive phones?

But if it did, would Apple’s aluminum-hearted lawyers rush to Judge Lucy Koh and sniffle that Samsung was copying Apple again? You know, just for the fun of it.

One can imagine some of the tortured questions plaguing minds at Samsung’s HQ. One can imagine designers staring hard at production and money people and demanding to have their way.