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Android – The highly acclaimed mobile application development platform

Android is a popular mobile application development platform that runs on the powerful Linux operating system. It is the brainchild of Open Handset Alliance, a cluster of organizations that was led by Google. The group comprised of mobile operators, handset manufacturers, software solutions providers, components manufacturers and lot more. What’s interesting is that Android is an open source platform that allows android application developers to churn out interactive, dynamic and user friendly android applications. The Android Mobile Application Development platform is backed by an active community of developers which constantly comes up with new versions of Android, which have improved features and fixes for bugs.

Android SDK contains an operating system, middleware and key applications. It acts as a guideline for android apps developers to develop applications based on the Java programming language. In case you are not a technical expert and would like to have an android application for business or personal purpose, all you need to do is hire android application developer from a professional android application development company and your job will be done in quick time. Outsourcing android application development is another great option which you can prefer.
Features of android platform

  • Support for physical and virtual keyboards
  • 100% customizable home screen having excellent widgets
  • Live Folders in display common data items, for e.g. favourite apps, contacts email messages, playlists, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and much more
  • Support for Picasa image uploading
  • Voice search
  • Android automatically checks and repairs the file system on SD cards

The Google Android Application Development platform supports flash. In case you want to have flash videos, then android is the development platform you should go for. Further, businesses benefit as Android mobile application development allows these to integrate Google Calendar and Gmail with Android. This results in saving of time and increased productivity for businesses. Android can be used to develop a range of applications such as business, communications, utilities, entertainment and even gaming.

Android Custom Application Development helps businesses expand through online marketing. Thanks to its amazing features and functionalities. Android application developers can easily customize mobile apps for routine business operations and help organizations improve efficiency. Custom Android applications also help in managing, and tracking data that is useful for decision making. One can also track reports using Custom Android Application Development solutions. Advanced integration is another benefit offered by Android Application Development platform. It helps in different kinds of inter-application integration wherein several programs can be integrated for boosting diverse business aspects.

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